Monday, December 28, 2009

time to back ump.!!

2nd semester has started today..i woke up at 6.15 am..suppose the english class start at 8 am..but my p.a havent approve the subject yet..some problems i dont have to go the my head..i just wanna go back to my room and i have to go for my class at nite??again i have classes at nite..cish!!!monday and thursday..adoiiii..really sucks!!!analytical chem..that subject better be interesting or i will fall asleep again..please not again!!stop sleeping in class.!!!opps..almost eleven o'clock..gotta rush math classs..ttyl!!!muaaxx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

hang out wif my frenz!!

hoho..besh glew dpt kua ngn mmg glew coz kuar 3 days berturut..haha..adoi..on thurs hang out wif avatar!!the besh muvi ever of the year!!!2 thumbs up to james cameron..great muvie but if they can explain abit more about how jake sully cant walk n how his brother died..mybe it would be better..coz i dont really get it at first, quite confusing la..but still great!!n i really enjoy it..then on hang out wif fad,nabil n naz..hoho..lunch at mcd..cs was very crowded bcoz it public holiday for awal muharam plus school breaks..huh..the cinema was closed and open at 6.30pm..heh??what else can we do?all of us talking n laughing like much thing to say n shared about..we dont other people looking at us..thats bcoz fad, she's really loud..really really loud..haha..i dont mind coz i already know bout it..while on saturday nite..i went for my school reunion..primary school..its been a long time..8 years!!!haha..its great to see them again..looking good..haha..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

read this one..!!!

have faith in your dreams
and someday your rainbow will come
smiling thru
no matter how your heart is
if you keep believing
the dream that you wish
will come true
if at first you don't succeed
try and try again
he who does not know
should be ashamed to learn
happiness depends upon
just think positive and everything
may the road rise to meet you
may the wind be always at
your back
may the sunshine warm
upon your face
the rain fall soft upon
your field
and until you succeed
may God hold you in the palm of
His hand
parents may be miles apart with mountains
and valleys in between
but they
are always here in
my heart
this is from a friend of mine in kmpp..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

at last!!!!

hahaha...finally we reached the last lab more lab class from now on...weee...but daaa..i havent finish my report yet for my part only...haha...and again i'm not going to sleep tonight to settle work first..and then i will start my revision for my test and quiz for this week is gonna be like's like my final exan is gonna start on next week..coz we're going to lots of quizes from our lecturers..and that suppose to be our study week..but then like i study week for this sem..huhu..quite tough though not to have our own time to make week also will be our last english project which is exihibition for technical description..huhu...we also have to print out 6 of our best post in our blog and submit it as carried out marks..gosh..!!!lots of works to do and preparation for our last week before final..i'm just wonder why do we have so much works to submit at the last week before our exm started???hurmmm..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

final is coming!!!!

huhu..i am so done this final is just around the corner..and i dont even started my revision yet..kuang3...i got 2 quizzes this and physical week i got math quiz..3papers in 1 study week for this sem..because of the h1n1 swine flu 1week holiday..we havent finish our syllabus for physical the class is still on for that subject..but for most of the subject..we already finished them from last week...i definitely have to struggle this time especially for my really suck in my last 2tests..i dont do well and so...i better wake my brain up and start working not sleeping..hahaha...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hello again..!!!

my hands been resting for a quite now it's the time to make a final is just around the corner i paper will start on november 6 and the paper will be on 17 november..then i'm gonna have a break about 1 month if i am not mistaken..huhu..this week i'll be facing with a quiz during tutorial and test at night for mathematic subject which will be on the same day..2 quizzes on the same day for the 1 subject..!!!this way beyond my's like the most scariest nightmare ever..!!!i can't even understand and do the tutorial on my's get harder and harder for this subject..i don't feel really confident about this tests..that's what i feel right now...oh god..!!!they really driving me crazy this the beginning, math is not that confusing but now...only god knows what i feel...


our precious world,
colourful flora and fauna,
appreciation to god,

protect the wildlife,
save our mother nature,
let the green born again

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

happy 52nd birthday malaysia..!!!!!

i'm really proud to be a malaysian
no matter where we are
we should be proud to have a great country
our malaysia
what does 1 malaysia means to you.???
is it all just about our local foods??
variety of local foods??
breathtaking scenery of nature??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ramadan al-mubarak

ramadan is back..!!!my first in ump and kinda exciting and a bit worry..but i'm still standing here..haha...i can survive here although i'm still trying to fit in with the environment and my new friends..i'm really glad to have a great roommates..they're all as crazy as i am..haha..i feel comfortable to share our stories and interest together..and my classmates..this week will be toughest week i have ever had..3days test in a row...that is so insane..!!!hahaha..i haven't finish my revision yet..huwawawa...i'll catch with u guys later...arios amigos..wish all muslims happy ramadan and may Allah blessed our deeds..salam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hate presentation..!!!

i haven't finish my slides yet..haha..see..!!!how lazy i am..i always doing my work in the minutes and i have to present it tomorrow morning..huwaaa..what am i suppose to do..??i haven't sleep much lately..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

late night post

it's already 1 o'clock in the morning..i still couldn't keep my eyes closed right now...gotta do some & society journal assignment and also find information for English presentation next week..should i talk about myself or a legend.??i'm really confused right now..can somebody help me??i don't know what else to tell people about myself..i'm still find myself now..people will know me better when they are my friends..hehe..i just wanna post shout out..felt boring all of sudden...why can't i find the right info that i want for my project??ahhhh...what is the latest news that u know??since that i'm seldom wacth tv or listen to the news here because of the stations are not very clear so i guess it'll be better if we share any stories or's getting late now and i can't spell my words correctly everything just messed up..haha..i wanna get some sleep before my eyes started to swollen..haha..gud nitez everyone..!!!have a sweet dream..!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


hyte everyone!!!gotta the chance to on9 were u doing???wish all of u in a good health yaaa..well we do know about this recent virus pandemic flu or swine uni had just closed because of this dangerous last i am home..!!!!for the first time since I've been staying here about a month all of us have to go home for a week to avoid this virus from spreading in our uni and also getting the symptoms of h1n1..but some of them have to stayed for a while or being quarantined because they were suspected as a h1n1 patient..although we had to go home in rushed and i have to faced some problems but I'm still excited going back to my beloved jay bee.!!!i really miss my jay bee..huwawawa...sadly that when i just got home i had a high fever which was the scariest moment in my life...thankfully there was nothing to be worried because it is just a normal what should we do to prevent ourselves from this virus..??we have to take some precaution steps to take care of ourselves...and a solution to finish all my assignments and lots of works after this holiday..i want my honeymoon back..!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

my weekend

hurmmm..what else cn i say about my weekend..???bored???definitely..!!!absolutely 100% agree..!!!'s been 3weeks i'm here but nothing interest me yet...kinda sucks act..i wanna watch harry potter..!!!!i've been waiting this moment for ages..!!!!but dunno yet when to out coz got to do some saving first..haha...thought of going out this week but don't have company to go together...roomates..2 of them are at home..another busy with the end i'm stuck in my room for all day..!!!help me..!!somebody please save me...!!!kuang3..what a lame,sad n tragic story of my day...huhu..we..i mean in my room all of us can die because of the symptom of bored..blame the ump..!!!haha..oopppss..don't take it too personal heart feeling..hehe...peace no war..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i got a blog now..have to actually..haha..who cares right..??hopes to get on9 very soon n more often..plez doooo comment if u guys have anything 2 talk about r shares with me..anytime anywhere..cewahhh..hehe..

c yaa..!!!