Saturday, February 27, 2010

pn.bibah's wedding!!

fuhhh..i got back 2 jb for a week for mid sem holiday after my test...finally i can go home!!!really mish my fam n frenz there..i also some event that i have attend during my my cousin's wedding and also my my classmate' weds..can't imagine that she's getting married this week (14 feb)...woooww!!she did told us she already engaged during our reunion..well i thought she was just joking..hahah..then she sent to me her invitation card to my, i attended her wedding after my cousin's's like my 2nd reunion with my schoolmates..she looks's very simple but still look exclusive..CAMAT PENGANTIN BARU TO PN.BIBAH.!!

di kala malam bulan mengambang's quite a time my hand been resting..heheh..updating my blog..da lmew xkua ngn so before's hanging out time!!!wif my roomates of course..da xthn sgt nk kua..tension sgt..palew nek burst kalo xkua dri ump for a while..hahah..tragis sgoh..ktowg pon sakan la kua..half day la mcm besew..kebetulan kua time plak bulan mengambang..huwawa..chantek sgoh bulan time tuhhh..romantik la konon..ktowg g karok..then g mkn kt tmpt yg ktowg xpenah g..mekya yg introduced kn tmpt tuhh..nmew yew "SANTAI"..not bad la western food..been longing to eat chicken chop black last i got the my chance!!!!hahahah..later then..ktowg g t.c la an..xnk lepas kn peluang lepak d cnew tok mnyaksikn bulan mengambang yg sgt chantek ituhh..angin bersepoi-sepoi..fuwhhh..mmg besh sgohh..tenang jew aty..da la dpt shopping brg yg di usha slama ni..hahahah..betapa puas yew aty ku ini pada ari ituhh...thanks 2 my roomates!!u gurlz are the besh!!!luv yaaaa!!!