Sunday, July 19, 2009

my weekend

hurmmm..what else cn i say about my weekend..???bored???definitely..!!!absolutely 100% agree..!!!'s been 3weeks i'm here but nothing interest me yet...kinda sucks act..i wanna watch harry potter..!!!!i've been waiting this moment for ages..!!!!but dunno yet when to out coz got to do some saving first..haha...thought of going out this week but don't have company to go together...roomates..2 of them are at home..another busy with the end i'm stuck in my room for all day..!!!help me..!!somebody please save me...!!!kuang3..what a lame,sad n tragic story of my day...huhu..we..i mean in my room all of us can die because of the symptom of bored..blame the ump..!!!haha..oopppss..don't take it too personal heart feeling..hehe...peace no war..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i got a blog now..have to actually..haha..who cares right..??hopes to get on9 very soon n more often..plez doooo comment if u guys have anything 2 talk about r shares with me..anytime anywhere..cewahhh..hehe..

c yaa..!!!