Friday, March 19, 2010

mishin my sis!!

my sis,eny!!!

adek,emy n me!!

really mish both of them..
lots of luv for them...
can't wait meet them!!

gelas BESOW punyew!!!

betapa busan yew asek dok mkn kt kafe jew..
it's time to change!!!
da lmew sgt xmkn luar
so ktowg decide tok mkn kt luar..
tmpt yg blom penah asew g..
kt kuantan..
tp name kedai 2 xtaw la
coz jenis kedai byk2 dlm 1 tempat..
menu ktowg:
1.nasi putih
2.tomyum campor
3.sayor kailan
4.telor dadar
5.chic chop for mekya
6.french fries
7.milo ais,bandung n pine apple juice..
byk an ktowg mkn..
xlarat nk abesh kn..
ciap tapau lg french fries yg xdpt d abeshkn pd msew itu..

going 2 santai!!

our foods n drinks
birthday cake
me wif mak cik fadhilah
papitoo n mamitoo

going out wif my frenz couple of weeks ago to celebrate papitoo's birthday..
2 cars for 8 peps..
1.ecm for lunch
2.kuantan parade for shopping a little bit but not for me
3.megamall for bowling but there's a tournament
4.last but not least SANTAI!!!it's my time turn to give them a dinner treat because papitoo also keep asking me when..
so i thought this is the right time and also as a birthday gift to him!!!
happy birthday papitoo!!!
tired but a lot of fun...
here's some of our pic