Thursday, April 1, 2010

byk yew kijew

last week n dis week
sgt la glew..
too much work..
cant decide which one need to be settle
lots of test n quizzes
last week
i got 2 quizzes+ 2 tests
mmg agk tension at that time
have to manage time wisely..
luckily, i can manage the time quite well
even if sumtyme i just cant take it anymore
i pray 2 God
to give me strength
i need to on besh
this sem has been really tough
all i can do now is
study as hard as i can
work my ass out..
hopefully i can pass my exam
next week will be
my group presentation
about our invention
i'll show it later
after we finish it
i really want our project went well this time
for me and them
my final is just around the corner
have to be well prepared this time
all i need is concentration