Monday, December 28, 2009

time to back ump.!!

2nd semester has started today..i woke up at 6.15 am..suppose the english class start at 8 am..but my p.a havent approve the subject yet..some problems i dont have to go the my head..i just wanna go back to my room and i have to go for my class at nite??again i have classes at nite..cish!!!monday and thursday..adoiiii..really sucks!!!analytical chem..that subject better be interesting or i will fall asleep again..please not again!!stop sleeping in class.!!!opps..almost eleven o'clock..gotta rush math classs..ttyl!!!muaaxx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

hang out wif my frenz!!

hoho..besh glew dpt kua ngn mmg glew coz kuar 3 days berturut..haha..adoi..on thurs hang out wif avatar!!the besh muvi ever of the year!!!2 thumbs up to james cameron..great muvie but if they can explain abit more about how jake sully cant walk n how his brother died..mybe it would be better..coz i dont really get it at first, quite confusing la..but still great!!n i really enjoy it..then on hang out wif fad,nabil n naz..hoho..lunch at mcd..cs was very crowded bcoz it public holiday for awal muharam plus school breaks..huh..the cinema was closed and open at 6.30pm..heh??what else can we do?all of us talking n laughing like much thing to say n shared about..we dont other people looking at us..thats bcoz fad, she's really loud..really really loud..haha..i dont mind coz i already know bout it..while on saturday nite..i went for my school reunion..primary school..its been a long time..8 years!!!haha..its great to see them again..looking good..haha..